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Employee Benefits

Keep your employees happy and productive.

One of the most important components of running a successful business is keeping employees happy and providing them with enough incentive to maximize their productivity. Offering your employees benefits that go beyond the legal requirements, tends to be very effective. We will help you identify and design a program appropriate for your company and communicate the benefits to your employees.

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Planning for Retirement

Every business should offer a retirement plan as part of its benefits package to help employees achieve financial security in their retirement years. We will help you design a group insurance plan that fits your business and educate savings with your employees.

401(k) Plans

Employee-sponsored 401(k) retirement plans set aside a portion of wages in individual accounts and are often matched by the employer. Elective deferrals are exempt from the employee’s taxable income.

Simple IRA/SEP Plans

IRAs, or Individual Retirement Accounts, allow individuals a tax-advantaged way to save money for retirement. Two popular types are SIMPLE IRAs, in which employers match contributions made by employees into traditional IRAs—similar to 401(k) plans; and SEP IRAs, simplified employee pension plans where employers make contributions on behalf of their employees.

Payroll Deduction IRAs

Payroll Deduction IRAs enable employees to establish IRAs and have a portion of their paychecks deposited directly into the account. They are simple to set up and require no employer matching contributions.

Profit Sharing Plans

Profit-sharing plans give employees a share of a company’s profit based on quarterly or annual earnings. Their flexibility allows the employer to decide how much (or if) to contribute and may take the form of cash or company stock.

Defined Benefit/Contribution Plans

Defined benefit plans, also known as pensions, are retirement accounts in which employers set aside money to be paid out upon retirement. Defined contribution plans require employees to contribute their own money.

Avera Health Plans
Sanford Health
Group insurance helps protect your employees.

Group insurance encompasses everything from supplemental life to health insurance. We play a critical role in the design, negotiation, and implementation of group benefits to ensure your employees’ happiness and security.

Avera is an integrated health system based in Sioux Falls. Dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives and health of members throughout the Upper Midwest, Avera Health offers a variety of employee benefit plans.

Sanford Health
Sanford Health, headquartered in Sioux Falls, is one of the largest health systems in the U.S. They offer affordable employee benefit plans ideal for both small and large businesses.

Wellmark is an independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield serving over two million members in South Dakota and Iowa. They offer a variety of employee benefit plans for businesses of all sizes.

Executive Benefits

Employee Benefit Plans provide wellness and financial security and are essential in attracting and retaining top talent.

McGreevy & Associates will help you put together a competitive benefits package to keep your employees happy and secure.

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Executive Benefits

Attracting and retaining productive and motivated employees takes more than money. Executive plans give business owners a powerful tool in retaining top talent. Offering unique rewards and incentives to a select group of key employees can promote long-term retention and business continuity, giving employers maximum flexibility in ensuring future success.

Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation sets aside a portion of an employee’s income for payout at a later date. This may include pensions, retirement plans, and stock options. In most cases, income taxes are deferred.

Qualified Sick Pay

Qualified sick pay is a salary continuation plan that provides employees with salary payments when they are unable to work because of illness or injury.


of participants view deferred compensation plans as a source of income to be spent during retirement.*(1)


of U.S. workers have paid sick leave.*(2)

Key Person Insurance

Also known as keyman insurance, key person insurance is a policy taken out on an important business figure to aid in business succession or protection in the event of death or disability.

Buy-Sell Funding

Buy-sell funding sometimes called a buy-sell or buyout agreement is a legally binding contract that spells out how a partner or co-owner’s share of the business will be controlled if that person dies, becomes disabled, retires, or leaves the company.


of business owners who are dependent on one or two people have key person insurance.*(3)


of business owners lack documented succession plans.*(4)

Volunteer Benefits

Supplementing core benefits

Voluntary benefits are supplemental coverage options that employees can elect to purchase through salary-deferred contributions. They’re a cost-effective way to offer options that will appeal to different groups of employees.

  • Employees choose benefits tailored to their own specific needs.
  • 100% of the cost of the benefits chosen is paid for by the employee but they receive a group savings rate through their employer.
  • Voluntary benefits allow producers to provide their business clients with a more robust workplace benefits package.

Benefits Consulting

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Professional Advice on Business Needs

Benefits consulting helps you develop and manage a strategic benefits package.

We would like to help you discover the most appropriate strategies to your benefit needs by developing an in-depth understanding of your business and more about your employee benefits philosophy.

We provide professional advice on the marketplace including differences between insurers, marketplace trends, and changes in the legislative framework affecting benefits and tying that back to your employee benefits philosophy.

We manage any tasks associated with your employee benefits program.

We explain complex concepts in an easy to understand manner, provide answers to your questions, and manage expectations surrounding cost, service, and deliverables from all involved parties.

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